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E-2 Treaty Investor Visa - USA

Program Overview

Treaty investor visas are known as “E-2 visas”, which allow entrepreneurs to be admitted to the United States for the purpose of making and then managing a substantial investment in America pursuant to a bilateral investment treaty or with which the United States maintains a qualifying international agreement, or which has been deemed a qualifying country by legislation to be admitted to the United States.

E-2 visas are temporary work visas to the U.S. They allow an investor to launch, own and manage their business in the U.S. They also allow an investor to send employees from his or her home country to work as senior managers or specialists for the investor's U.S. business. E-2 visas are useful for new businesses or already existing businesses.

The E-2 status is valid for two years (and for some countries up to 5 years) and can be extended indefinitely. The E-2 visa holder's spouse and children under the age of 21 are eligible to receive derivative E‐2 visa status.

While the E-2 program offers extraordinary flexibility for foreign entrepreneurs and carries no minimum dollar investment threshold to qualify, our team advises that Investors must plan to invest atleast US$ 150,000 for a successful petition.

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Eligibility Criteria for E2

PlanMyMigration is a leading E2 investment advisory firm. We have successfully assisted thousands of families in navigating through the E2 visa program.

To qualify for the E2 Program, we list below the principal requirements. These are:

  • Treaty: E 2 visas require an investment treaty between the US and the foreign country.
  • E-2 Treaty Investor visas require that the business be principally owned by citizens of the investor’s home country (at least 50%).
  • Active Business: E-2 visas require an operating US business. E-2 visas are not granted for passive investments in publicly listed stocks; real estate or ownership of a personal residence.
  • Investment: Investment of substantial amount of capital in a US company.
    • Can be an existing company that is acquired.
    • Can be an operating company that has been owned for some years.
    • Can be a new company that is a start up.
  • Percentage of Ownership: Foreign ownership of 50% or more of the US company.
  • Citizenship: Foreign owners must have citizenship in the same treaty country.
  • The Investment must be Substantial.
  • More Than Marginal: Even if active, E 2 visas are not granted if the business is marginal. A marginal businesses will only employ the investor and his or her family.
  • E-2 Sponsor: the US company owned by the foreign owners will sponsor the E 2 visa for the foreign worker and file the E-2 visa petition.
  • Job Offer: The US company will extend an offer of employment to the E-2 worker. We recommend making the offer conditional on visa approval.

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E-2 Visa Benefits

1. E-2 visa allows a quick route to U.S. to engage into business and stay indefinitely as long as the business in operational.

2. The minimum investment recommended is typically $150,000 and is lower than other investment programs.

3. E-2 visas allow the beneficiary's spouse and children under age 21 to obtain dependent E-2 visas.

4. Spouse receives I-765 work authorization i.e., the right to work In the U.S.

5. Children have the right to study in the U.S. until they turn 21 years. E-2 dependent visas will have the same duration as the beneficiary and allow the spouse and children to live and study in the US.

6. E-2 visa allows you to claim exemption from global taxation reporting requirement as it not a Green Card.

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Latest Updates

On December 15, 2022, James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 (NDAA) was passed by Congress. Thereafter, on December 23, 2022, NDAA was signed by the President and NDAA enacted into law.

The NDAA, which is also called the Omnibus Bill authorizes the extension of a wide range of government programs and spending. The Act particularly contains an immigration-related provisions which modify the eligibility criteria for the E visa category.

The most critical changes made to the E visa category is that the Act Imposes a Three (3) Year Requirement of Domicile in Order to Apply for E Visa Category.

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