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Start Up Visa Canada

Program Overview

Canada's Start-Up Visa (SUV) allows foreign entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residence in Canada through business immigration. Owners of innovative start-ups or established foreign companies may be able to use this program to permanently relocate to Canada along with other founding partners (up to 5 partners), provided that they meet other requirements for the program.

Applicants are not selected based on the Express Entry points system. The applicant's age and education level are not determinative. No prior education or work experience in Canada is required.

A central feature of the Start-Up Visa is that entrepreneurs must be formally supported by Canadian private companies known as a Designated Organization. The Designated Organizations play the role of helping to guide the launch of the start-up business.

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Canada's Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada that

  • Are Innovative
  • Can create Jobs for Canadians
  • Can Compete on a Global Scale

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Eligibility Criteria

Have a Qualifying Business A qualifying business means you created a business that meets the following conditions:

At the time you get a commitment from a designated organization:

  • Each applicant holds 10% or more of the voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation outstanding at that time (up to 5 people can apply as owners).
  • Applicants and the designated organization jointly hold more than 50% of the total voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation outstanding at that time.
  • Investors can also obtain Golden Residence when buying one or more off-plan properties of no less than $544,500 (AED 2 million) from approved local real estate companies.
At the Time you receive your Permanent Residence:
  • You provide active and ongoing management of this business from within Canada.
  • An essential part of the operations of the business happens in Canada this business is incorporated in Canada.
Obtain a Letter of Support from Designated Organization
  • You must get a letter of support from a designated organization (a business group that has been approved to invest in or support possible start-ups).
Meet the Language Requirements
  • You must take a language test from an approved agency and include the results with your application. You must meet the minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French in all of these four areas: • Speaking • Reading • Listening • Writing.
Bring Enough Money to Settle
  • The Government of Canada does not give financial support to new start-up visa immigrants. When you apply, you’ll need to give proof that you have the money to support yourself and your dependants after you arrive in Canada. You can’t borrow this money from another person. The amount you need depends on the size of your family. This information is updated annually.
Highly Specialized Knowledge or Unique Experience in your Field
Capitalize or have access to Capital Fund your start-up, usually around $150,000 at a minimum per Applicant
Business Plan Viability
  • Ownership of an innovative or successful business that is generating scalable and sustainable revenue or has strong market validation.
Active Participation in the Business
  • Even if the business plan is executed and business operations move forward, IRCC looks for credible evidence that the entrepreneur was actively involved in the business.
Entrepreneur Took Concrete Steps Towards Executing a Reasonable Business Proposal.

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SUV Benefits

1. Fastest and most flexible pathway to Permanent Residency in Canada for Entrepreneurs.

2. The applicant's age and education level are not determinative.

3. No prior education or work experience in Canada is required.

4. SUV grants unconditional Permanent Residency to entrepreneur and family.

5. One application includes the principal applicant and the applicant’s spouse and unmarried children under age 22.

6. Start-Up Visa avoids the Express Entry points system and is significantly more flexible than the Provincial Nominee – Entrepreneur System.

7. Canadian Permanent Residency can lead to naturalization as a Canadian citizen in 5 years.

8. Applicants and family can live anywhere in Canada.

9. If your business fails, it doesn’t affect your permanent resident status. IRCC recognizes that not every business will succeed and this program is designed so that the risk is shared between the public and private sector.

10. While your application for permanent residence is being processed, you can apply for a temporary work permit to get to Canada and start building your business. Your spouse gets access to Open Work Permit and your unmarried children below the age of 22 years get student visa to accompany you to Canada whilst waiting for Permanent Residency.

Canada Start Up Visa - Fastest Route to Permanent Residency in Canada

CAD$ 300,000
2-3 Years

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